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International Housekeeping Week 2023

Celebrating the heart of our hotels

International Housekeeping Week is celebrated annually during the second full week of September. It is a time to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of housekeepers who keep our hotels clean, safe, and comfortable.


Housekeepers are essential to the hotel industry. They are the ones who ensure that our rooms are spotless, our beds are made to perfection, and our bathrooms are sparkling clean. They also play a vital role in maintaining the overall cleanliness and sanitation of the hotel, which is essential for protecting the health and safety of guests and staff alike, as well as ensuring guest satisfaction across the board.


While we take the time to appreciate their efforts throughout the year, this gives us all a time to say thank you to these dedicated professionals and to let them know how much we value their work. Each property celebrated in their own ways – take a look at the image gallery to see the creative festivities!


Interested in joining our incredible housekeeping team? Click here to view open housekeeping positions at Buffalo Lodging Associates.